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CV - Cabo Verde

Useful information

The PCT Applicant’s Guide is updated almost every week with information received by the International Bureau.
In case of question, please contact the Office or the International Bureau (
PCT Reservations, Declarations, Notifications and Incompatibilities
The Office does not have any reservations, declarations, notifications or incompatibilities.
Refer to the full list.
Office Closed dates
The Office is closed weekly on Saturday and Sunday
Additional closed dates can be consulted on the Office Closed dates page

International Phase

Annex B - Information on Contracting States or Intergovernmental Organization

Contracting State:
Cabo Verde
Two-letter code:
Name of Office (original language):
Instituto de Gestão da Qualidade e da Propriedade Intelectual (IGQPI)
Name of Office:
Institute for Quality Management and Intellectual Property (IGQPI) (Cabo Verde)
Av. Amílcar Cabral
no 27 R/C
C.P. 7600-146
Cabo Verde
Mailing address:
Same as above
(238) 260 43 40
Does the Office accept the filing of documents by means of telecommunication (PCT Rule 92.4)?
Yes, by e-mail
Which kinds of documents may be so transmitted?
All kinds of documents
Must the original of the document be furnished in all cases?
Yes, within one month from the date of the transmission
Does the Office send notifications via e-mail in respect of international applications?
Would the Office accept evidence of mailing a document, in case of loss or delay, where a delivery service other than the postal authorities is used (PCT Rule 82.1)?
Competent receiving Office(s) for international applications filed by nationals or residents of this State:
AP 1
Competent designated (or elected) Office(s) for this State:
National protection: CV
ARIPO protection: AP 1
Types of protection available via the PCT:
Provisional patents
Utility models (a utility model may be sought instead of a patent)
Utility models (a utility model may be sought instead of or in addition to an ARIPO patent)
Availability under the national law for an international-type search (PCT Article 15):
Provisional protection after international publication:
Information of interest if this Contracting State is designated (or elected)
For national protection
Time when the name and address of the inventor must be given:
May be in the request or may be furnished later. If not already complied with within the time limit applicable under PCT Article 22 or 39(1), the Office will invite the applicant to comply with the requirement within two months from the date of the invitation.
Are there special provisions concerning the deposit of microorganisms and other biological material?

Annex C - Receiving Office

Competent receiving Office for nationals and residents of:
Cabo Verde
Language in which international applications may be filed:
Portuguese 2
Language accepted for language-dependent free text in the sequence listing:
Same as the language of filing (English or Portuguese); or both
Language in which the request may be filed:
Number of copies required by the receiving Office if application filed on paper:
Does the receiving Office accept the filing of international applications in electronic form?
Where the international application is filed in electronic form in accordance with and to the extent provided for in Part 7 and Annex F of the Administrative Instructions, the total amount of the international filing fee is reduced (Refer to “Fees payable to the receiving Office”).
Where the international application contains a sequence listing as a separate part of the description, this should be furnished in accordance with Annex C of the Administrative Instructions, that is, in compliance with WIPO Standard ST.26 XML format; no fees are due for sequence listings filed in this format.
For the relevant notification, refer to the Official Notices (PCT Gazette) dated 29 September 2022, pages 269 et seq.
Yes, the Office accepts electronic filing via ePCT-Filing
Does the receiving Office accept requests for restoration of the right of priority (PCT Rule 26bis.3)?
Yes, the Office applies both the due care and the “unintentional” criteria to such requests
Competent International Searching Authority:
Competent International Preliminary Examining Authority:
EP 3
Fees payable to the receiving Office:
Transmittal fee:
Information not yet available
International filing fee:
1,378 EUR
Fee per sheet in excess of 30:
16 EUR
Reductions (under Schedule of Fees, item 4):
Electronic filing (the request in character coded format):
207 EUR
Electronic filing (the request, description, claims and abstract in character coded format):
311 EUR
Search fee:
Refer to
Annex D(BR)
Annex D(EP)
Annex D(KR)
Fee for priority document (PCT Rule 17.1(b)):
Information not yet available
Fee for requesting restoration of the right of priority (PCT Rule 26bis.3(d)):
Information not yet available
Is an agent required by the receiving Office?
No, if the applicant resides in Cabo Verde
Yes, if he is a non-resident
Who can act as agent?
Any natural or legal person residing in Cabo Verde
Waiver of power of attorney:
Has the Office waived the requirement that a separate power of attorney be submitted?
Has the Office waived the requirement that a copy of a general power of attorney be submitted?

Annex L - Deposits of Microorganisms and Other Biological Material

National Phase

Summary of requirements for entry into the national phase

Information not yet available

The procedure in the national Phase

Information not yet available


Annex CV.I - Fees
Information not yet available
Please refer to the Office.
1 a b For further details, refer to the Official Notices (PCT Gazette) dated 15 September 2022, page 251.
2 a Depending on the applicant’s choice of competent International Searching Authority, a translation into a corresponding language (refer to Annex D) may have to be furnished by the applicant (PCT Rule 12.3).
3 a The Office is competent only if the international search is or has been carried out by that Office.


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V. 1 printed on 1 Apr 2023