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GM - Gambia
Registrar General's Department, Ministry of Justice (Gambia)

Useful information

The PCT Applicant’s Guide is updated almost every week with information received by the International Bureau.
In case of question, please contact the Office or the International Bureau (
List of abbreviations used in this document:
Office: Registrar General's Department, Ministry of Justice (Gambia)
IPA: Industrial Property Act (Cap.95:03), 2 April 2007
IPR: Industrial Property Regulations, 1 January 2011
List of currencies used in this document:
GMD: Dalasi
USD: US dollar
List of related countries and Offices used in this document:
Refer to List of WIPO Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines (formerly Annex K, List of country names and two-letter codes). It includes a list of short names and two-letter codes accepted for use in indicating States, other entities and intergovernmental organizations (and their Offices) in documents relating to international applications under the PCT. The list is as set out in WIPO Standard ST.3.
Also refer to PCT Contracting States (formerly Annex A).
PCT Reservations, Declarations, Notifications and Incompatibilities
The Office does not have any reservations, declarations, notifications or incompatibilities.
Refer to the full list.
Office Closed dates
The Office is closed weekly on Saturday and Sunday
Additional closed dates can be consulted on the Office Closed dates page

International Phase

Annex B - Information on Contracting States or Intergovernmental Organization

Contracting State:
Two-letter code:
Name of Office:
Registrar General's Department, Ministry of Justice (Gambia)
Marina Parade
Mailing address:
Same as above
(220) 422 84 50
(220) 422 86 65
(220) 314 10 05
Does the Office accept the filing of documents by means of telecommunication (PCT Rule 92.4)?
Would the Office accept evidence of mailing a document, in case of loss or delay, where a delivery service other than the postal authorities is used (PCT Rule 82.1)?
Is the Office prepared to allow applicants to make applications available to the WIPO Digital Access Service for Priority Documents (DAS) (PCT Rule 17.1(b-bis)?
Competent receiving Office(s) for international applications filed by nationals or residents of this State:
Does national legislation restrict the filing of international applications with foreign Offices?
Refer to the Office
Competent designated (or elected) Office(s) for this State:
National protection: GM
ARIPO protection: AP
Types of protection available via the PCT:
Utility models
Utility models (a utility model may be sought instead of or in addition to an ARIPO patent)
Availability under the national law for an international-type search (PCT Article 15):
Provisional protection after international publication:
Information of interest if this Contracting State is designated (or elected)
For national protection
Time when the name and address of the inventor must be given:
Must be in the request. If not already complied with within the time limit applicable under PCT Article 22 or 39(1), the Office will invite the applicant to comply with the requirement within a time limit fixed in the invitation.
Are there special provisions concerning the deposit of microorganisms and other biological material?
For an ARIPO patent
Refer to Annex B(AP)

Annex C - Receiving Office

The Office does not act as receiving Office
This Office has delegated its RO functions to RO/AP. Refer to Annex C(AP) for more information.

National Phase

Summary of requirements for entry into the national phase

Time limits applicable for entry into the national phase:
Under PCT Article 22(1): 30 months from the priority date
Under PCT Article 39(1)(b): 31 months from the priority date
Translation of international application required into (one of) the following language(s):
Must be furnished or paid within the time limit applicable under PCT Article 22 or 39(1).
Required contents of the translation for entry into the national phase:
Must be furnished or paid within the time limit applicable under PCT Article 22 or 39(1).
Under PCT Article 22: Description, claims (if amended, as amended only, together with any statement under PCT Article 19), any text matter of drawings, abstract
Under PCT Article 39(1): Description, claims, any text matter of drawings, abstract (if any of those parts has been amended, only as amended by the annexes to the international preliminary examination report)
Is a copy of the international application required in particular circumstances?
National fees:
Must be furnished or paid within the time limit applicable under PCT Article 22 or 39(1).
Filing fee
Includes examination, grant and publication
5,000 GMD
or 400 USD 1
Utility models
Filing fee
2,500 GMD
or 200 USD 1
Exemptions, reductions or refunds of fees:
Special requirements of the Office (PCT Rule 51bis):
If not already complied with within the time limit applicable under PCT Article 22 or 39(1), the Office will invite the applicant to comply with the requirement within a time limit fixed in the invitation.
Appointment of an agent if the applicant is not resident in the Gambia (a power of attorney must be furnished)
Who can act as agent?
Any attorney or patent attorney registered in the Gambia
Does the Office accept requests for restoration of the right of priority (PCT Rule 49ter.2)?
Yes, please refer to the Office for the applicable criteria and/or any fee payable for such requests

The procedure in the national Phase

Errors in the translation of the international application can be corrected with reference to the text of the international application as filed (refer to National Phase, paragraphs 6.002 and 6.003).
The manner of payment of the fees indicated in the Summary and in this Chapter is outlined in Annex GM.I.
IPA Sec. 38, IPR Sec. 6
Where the ordinary residence or principal place of business of the applicant is outside Gambia, she/he has to appoint an agent who is a legal practitioner resident and practicing in Gambia. This may be done on Form A1, a model of which is given in Annex GM.II.
IPA Sec. 10(3), IPA Sec. 10(4), IPR Sec. 20(1)
The Office will examine the application as to substance.
IPA Sec. 13(3)
Annual fees must be paid in advance to the Registrar General for each year, starting one year after the filing date of the application for grant of the patent. A period of grace of six months is granted for the payment of the annual fee upon payment of a prescribed surcharge. In case of non-payment of the annual fee, the patent application shall be deemed to have been withdrawn or the patent shall lapse. The payment of each annual fee shall be accompanied by a statement on Form P8, a model of which is given in Annex GM.IV.
IPA Sec. 39(3), IPR Sec. 48
All applications are published in the official bulletin (The Gambia Gazette) within two months after entry into the national phase.
IPA Sec. 7(2), IPR Sec. 28(2)
The applicant may amend the application, provided that the amendment shall not go beyond the disclosure of the initial application. An amendment of the application shall be made on Form P3, a model of which is given in Annex GM.III.
IPA Sec. 16
Subject to paragraph GM.09, if the applicant wishes to obtain a utility model instead of a patent in Gambia, on the basis of an international application, the applicant, when performing the acts referred to in Article 22 or 39, shall so indicate to the Office. The fees relating to utility models are indicated in Annex GM.I.
IPA Sec. 18
An international application for a patent may be converted into a utility model application and vice versa at any time before the grant or refusal of a patent, upon payment of the prescribed fee. The converted application will have the filing date of the initial application. An application may not be converted more than once.
PCT Art. 24(2), PCT Art. 48(2), PCT Rule 82bis
Reference is made to paragraphs 6.022 to 6.027 of the National Phase. At the Director General’s discretion, the applicant may be given an extension of any time limit prescribed by the Regulations and the Administrative Instructions. Such extension may be granted even if the time limit has already expired.


Annex GM.I - Fees
Filing fee (includes examination, grant and publication)
5,000 GMD
400 USD 1
Amendment of patent application or priority claim
1,500 GMD
120 USD 1
Request for correction of patent application
Record of particulars of patent registration
Certificate of Grant of Patent
Annual fees:
— for the 1st year
250 USD 1
— for the 2nd year to the 9th years
per year, 300 USD 1
— for the 10th year
400 USD 1
— for the 11th year
500 USD 1
— for the 12th year
600 USD 1
— for the 13th year
700 USD 1
— for the 14th year
800 USD 1
— for the 15th year
900 USD 1
— for the 16th year
1,000 USD 1
— for the 17th year
1,100 USD 1
— for the 18th year
1,200 USD 1
— for the 19th year
1,300 USD 1
Utility models
Filing fee
2,500 GMD
200 USD 1
How can payment of fees be effected?
Payment of fees must be effected in Gambian dalasi or US Dollar 1
All payments must indicate the application number (national if already known; international if the national number is not yet known), the name of the applicant and the type of fee being paid
The following documents are maintained by the Office. Refer to the Office website (Annex B) for latest version and other languages.
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