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WIPO - PCT Applicant's Guide SM - San Marino
Patent and Trademark Office (San Marino)

Useful information

The PCT Applicant’s Guide is updated almost every week with information received by the International Bureau.
In case of question, please contact the Office or the International Bureau (
List of abbreviations used in this document:
Office: Patent and Trademark Office (San Marino)
Countries and Offices information:
The list of acronyms used for Offices is no longer shown as it has been integrated in the mouseover functionality for each ST.3 code shown in this document.
Refer to List of WIPO Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines formerly Annex K, List of country names and two-letter codes. It includes a list of short names and two-letter codes accepted for use in indicating States, other entities and intergovernmental organizations and their Offices in documents relating to international applications under the PCT. The list is as set out in WIPO Standard ST.3.
Also refer to PCT Contracting States formerly Annex A.
Office profile
For more technical information about the Office, refer to ePCT Office profile.
PCT Reservations, Declarations, Notifications and Incompatibilities
The Office does not have any reservations, declarations, notifications or incompatibilities.
Refer to the full list.
Office Closed dates
The Office is closed weekly on Saturday and Sunday
Additional closed dates can be consulted on the Office Closed dates page

International Phase

Annex B - Information on Contracting States or Intergovernmental Organization

Contracting State:
San Marino
Two-letter code:
San Marino - Patent and Trademark Office (San Marino)
Name of Office:
Patent and Trademark Office (San Marino)
Via 28 Luglio 212
47893 Republic of San Marino
Mailing address:
Same as above
(378) 549 882 982
(378) 549 883 856
Does the Office accept the filing of documents by facsimile or the like means (PCT Rule 92.4)?
Yes, by facsimile
Which kinds of documents may be so transmitted?
All kinds of documents
Must the original of the document be furnished in all cases?
Yes, within one month from the date of the transmission
Would the Office accept evidence of mailing a document, in case of loss or delay, where a delivery service other than the postal authorities is used (PCT Rule 82.1)?
Is the Office prepared to allow applicants to make applications available to the WIPO Digital Access Service for Priority Documents (DAS) (PCT Rule 17.1(b-bis)?
Competent receiving Office(s) for international applications filed by nationals or residents of this State:
European Patent Organisation - European Patent Office (EPO)
International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) - International Bureau of WIPO
Does national legislation restrict the filing of international applications with foreign Offices?
Refer to the Office
Competent designated (or elected) Office(s) for this State:
Refer to corresponding National Phase.
European Patent Organisation - European Patent Office (EPO)
Types of protection available via the PCT:
European patents
Payment methods accepted by the Office:
Not applicable. The Office does not act as receiving Office and has closed its national route.
Availability under the national law for an international-type search (PCT Article 15):
Provisional protection after international publication:
Designation for the purposes of a European patent (refer to European Patent Convention Articles 67, 150 and 158) and:
(1) the international application is published in one of the EPO official languages: this gives the applicant the right to seek compensation reasonable in the circumstances for any infringement; or
(2) the international application is published in a language which is not an EPO official language: then the protection referred to in paragraph (1) does not become effective until the EPO publishes the international application supplied to it in one of its official languages.
Information of interest if this Contracting State is designated (or elected)
Are there special provisions concerning the deposit of microorganisms and other biological material?
For a European patent
Refer to Annex B(EP)

Annex C - Receiving Office

The Office does not act as receiving Office
This Office has delegated its RO functions to RO/EP. Refer to Annex C(EP) for more information.

National Phase

The Office closed the national route
Current version applicable from 25 Apr 2024 , printed on 15 Jul 2024